How can i pay my bills

  • By deposit in the cash register of DEYAVA in Gerani
  • By deposit at all banks
  • By deposit at ELTA and OPAP Agencies
  • From this website by selecting the e-SERVICES application

How can I request a new water supply connection

The necessary supporting documents for the application of a new water supply connection are:

  • Copy of Building Permit or
  • Certificate that the building was built before 1955 (if there is no building permit)
  • Tax Identification
  • Identity card number

How can I connect to the sewerage network

The necessary supporting documents for the sewerage application are:

  • Copy of Building Permit. If the building lacks a building permit, its surface area will be measured by DEVAVA

        ATTENTION In this case you are required to submit a  personal statement stating the square meters of the building.

  • For commercial buildings- Construction plans of the building, Floor plans, Floors, Coverage Diagram
  • Copy of electricity or water bill
  • For multi-storey buildings to achieve better cost sharing among owners - Horizontal property table
  • Tax Registration Number (TIN)
  • Identity Card Number (ID)

How can i report a damage

  • At DEYAVA offices in Gerani
  • Protocol department by phone at 28210-84000
  • By e-mail vlavesdeyava@gmail.com
  • By using the special form on this website

How can i request a new irrigation network connection

The necessary documents for the application of a new connection to the irrigation network are:

  • E9
  • Tax Identification number
  • Identity card number