The new Board of DEYAVA has as its sole guide to serve the Citizen, considering that the Citizen has rights but at the same time obligations.

In this context your contribution is crucial.

 Our goals are:

 Α) To provide high quality, uninterrupted and on a 24-hour basis water sypply to our customers/citizens, while rationalizing the management of the company, optimizing the organization of water supplies and underground aquifers, as well as redesigning reservoirs and networks, based on the need to improve the quality of our services.

B) The modernization and replacement of outdated water supply networks, by designing and expanding new networks according to the needs of local communities. Separation of networks in areas that have a mixed hydro-irrigation network.

C) The Optimization of the design of irrigation networks of DEYAVA in order to save resources while at the same time provide adequate irrigation services for all the farmers in the areas that we provide irrigation services.

D) Functional sewerage services for the decontamination of residential areas and the protection of the aquifer and springs, without odors and with constantly expanding networks.

E) The planning and maturation of project studies for the immediate and distant future.

In cooperation with the local communities, we want to identify and record the problems immediately, in order to respond in a planned way, offering safe, effective and sustainable solutions.

In this context, through our close cooperation, we wish that in the local areas: Local communities to plan in time and submit their written thoughts-suggestions.

Take care to immediately report damages and supervise, in cooperation with DEYAVA, their restoration.

To inform the citizens about the options to settle their debts. 

Report any illegal connection to either the water/ irrigation supply or sewerage networks.


The Chairman of the Board of D.E.Y.A.V.A.

Mavrogenis Eftychis

The board of DEYAVA

Mavrogenis Eftychis, Chairman of the Board

Voulgarakis Manousos, Vice Chairman of the Board

Dimitrogiannakis Stylianos, Member of the Board
Marankoudaki-Plokamaki Chrysanthi, Member of the Board Malakonakis Emmanouil, Member of the Board Marinakis Petros, Member of the Board Kasselakis Ioannis, Member of the Board Kalogerakis Panagiotis, Member of the Board Anagnvstaki Eleftheria, Member of the Board Paraskakis Emmanoyil, Member of the Board Paraskaki Argyro, Member of the Board